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Why Don’t We Invite People to a Brit Milah?

Many have the custom to simply make the time and place known, without inviting anyone in particular to attend. Here's why.
Does Oy Gevalt Really Mean?

It is perfectly normal to say, “Oy gevalt, my cake flopped again!” even though there is no violence and not much of an emergency.
By the Numbers
10 Inspiring Orphans Who Significantly Impacted Judaism

Meet 10 Jewish leaders who were orphaned at a young age and went on to add richness and beauty to Jewish life until this very day.
9 Ways to Talk Like a Jew

We may not remind people of their past misdeeds, insult someone, tease them, bully them, threaten them or in any way use words to cause them pain or anguish. Even hinting at something that might cause them pain is not allowed.
Is Excessive Wealth a Virtue or a Vice?

Isn’t wealth the negative consequence of greed and unbridled ambition? Is wealth a virtue or a vice?
Heroic Humility

As any child of a super charismatic parent knows, growing up in the shadows can be hard. Part of that is due to our worship of the extrovert.
What It's Like to Ask for Help All the Time

Being afraid to go out the door or being afraid of falling was like walking through life alone.
Beltani: How I Made Peace With My Imperfect Life

As women, we have incredible demands placed upon us, and a significant number of people in our lives who rely on us to be strong, to hold things together for them. There is often an invisible pressure that is not seen but felt—to be the perfect version of ourselves, to never let anyone see that things are not, in fact, as perfect as we try to project out to the world.
Seeing Is Believing

“Look outside. You see this wagon loaded with straw rolling down the road? Walking behind it is a Jew . . ."
Iconic Australian Chocolate Crackles

An Australian birthday party staple
Art: Shopping in the Shouk for Shabbat

Every bit of time, every day that passes, is not just a day. It is a life's concern
— Hayom Yom, Cheshvan 17
Print Magazine

In our times, it is crucial that every Jew who knows anything must be a teacher to others.

If you know alef-bet, teach alef-bet.

If you know only alef, find someone to teach alef.

But all must teach.

12 Tammuz 5736.