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You Were Wondering
What's the Real Reason for the Sukkah?

The sukkah serves to remind us of our humble beginnings as a fledgling nation, when we did not have any permanent dwellings and had to live in simple huts.
How To Celebrate Sukkot
The basic Sukkot observances, with links leading to more information.
The Sukkah Is Now

The sukkah, when done by the book, is incongruence itself: Live in a temporary structure as though it were permanent. What other structure does that remind you of?
After Yom Kippur: Can We Maintain Our Connection With G-d?

Examining the Pieces When Everything Falls Apart

The pressure subtly built a reality around me that I could not achieve. If the dream of that success failed, then everything was lost.
The Four Mysteries of King Solomon

Why do vacillation and hardship fuel growth? How can contradictory ideas embody a singular truth? Why does a simple physical deed elevate us to levels of holiness and G‑dliness?
Jewish News
In Texas, Florida and Around the World, Jews Embrace Sukkot

The meaning of temporary shelter resounds even more strongly.
Following Deadly Violence in Vegas, a Rabbi Provides Comfort

Chabad Rabbi Mendy Harlig speaks from the scene of the mass shooting.
Signs of Renewal in Battered St. Thomas

Rebuilding begins slowly as aid shifts in the right direction.
The Lowly Willow

A profound look at the paradox of the willow of the Four Kinds that are 'taken' during the festival of Sukkot: On one hand, the willow is the least virtuous of the Four Kinds and the laws governing its validity the least demanding, yet the willow conveys the greatest contribution of them all. (Likutei Sichos vol. 22)
The Stranger Who Wanted to Go to Heaven

The messenger approached a traveler and asked him whether he was carrying an etrog . . .
Garnish Your Soup Like a Pro!

Warm Soup for Sukkot
The Beauty of Fall

You speak of what you need, but you say nothing of what you are needed for
— Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (to a chassid who complained of his financial troubles)
Print Magazine

Moses took ownership of the dark as well as the light. He argued not just for the righteous, but also for those who had failed.

When the people angered G‑d with a golden calf only 40 days after the revelation of Absolute Oneness at Mount Sinai, Moses had to admit they had wronged. Yet he did more than plead for them...