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Shoftim 5764 - August 20, 2004

Cowards of the World, Unite!

The fearless few who throw caution to the wind and heedlessly plunge into every offered challenge are indeed strange exceptions to our race. So where do all our heroes come from?
Shoftim in a Nutshell
“Justice”—the very concept is said to be a Jewish contribution to the world. A glance at this week’s Parshah (equality before the law, due process, protection of criminals from vigilante vengeance, curbs on the behavior of kings, rules and ethics in warfare . . . ) shows why.
What Is Ego?

My guru says I must first surrender my ego in order to proceed with his five-day, ten-step path to total enlightenment. Personally, I find my ego quite useful, even neccessary. What do you think? Are egos really as bad as they are made out to be?
I'm in Hawaii, He's in Iraq: Why Are We Doing This?

I guess when something is truly right for you, no matter how impractical or out of the ordinary it may seem, you find yourself doing what you are meant to do...
The Climb

The children had leaned a tall pole against a building and were competing with each other as to who could climb the highest...
Thirteen Attributes of Mercy: an Elul Anthology

A History of Elul... A Haven in Time... Month of the Bride... I and My Beloved... How to grant a blessing... The King in the Field... all about Elul -- the month that G-d feels closer to us and we feel closer to Him
I am to my beloved, and my beloved is to me
— Song of Songs 6:3
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Rabbi Alexandri said, “Master of the Universe! It’s obvious to You that we want to do what You want done. So what is holding us back? The yeast in the dough!” (Talmud, Berachot 17a)

What is so terrible about chametz, that once a year, for the Festival of Freedom, we must search, burn and destroy any trace of it in our...