Exiling an Inadvertent Murderer to a City of Refuge

"And he shall live there until the death of the high priest"Numbers 35:25.

The courts are commanded to exile a person guilty of manslaughter to a city of refuge. The killer must remain there [until the death of the serving high priest]: "There he must dwell, there he shall die, there he shall be buried."

Accepting a Ransom from an Inadvertent Murderer

"You shall take no ransom from one who must flee to his city of refuge"Numbers 35:32.

It is forbidden to take a monetary payment from a person guilty of manslaughter to exempt him from exile in a city of refuge.

Executing a Criminal before he Stands Trial

"The murderer shall not die until he stands before the congregation in judgment"—Numbers 35:12.

It is forbidden to execute a criminal guilty of committing a capital crime before he receives due process before a rabbinical court. (This prohibition applies after the crime was committed. With regards to a criminal in the process of executing a crime, see Negative Commandment 293.)

Even if the members of the High Court witness the execution of a capital offense, they must serve as witnesses (before another panel of judges) who will adjudicate the case.