The 223rd prohibition is that we are forbidden from gathering in the normal manner fruit which trees produce during shemittah. We must make a change in order to demonstrate that it is considered ownerless [rather than the owner's personal property].

The source of this prohibition is G‑d's statement,1 "Do not gather the grapes on your unpruned vines."

Our Sages2 explain: "You may not gather them as gatherers do normally." Based on this principle, they said: "Figs which grew during shemittah may not be cut with the normal fig-knife, only with a regular knife. Grapes may not be crushed in a wine-press, only in a trough. Olives may not be prepared in a bad or a kutbi, but they may be crushed and placed in a bodeidah.3

The details of this mitzvah and the one which precedes it are explained in tractate Sh'vi'is.