The 208th prohibition is that the Nazirite is forbidden from becoming tameh by entering a tent in which there is a dead body.

The source of this commandment is G‑d's statement,1 "He may not come to a [place where there is a] dead person."

The Gemara2 says clearly, "The verse already says, 'He may not become tameh.' When it says, 'He may not come,' this comes to make separate prohibitions for both becoming tameh [through touching or carrying the dead body] and entering [a tent in which there is a dead body].

There it is explained that if one enters the tent after becoming tameh, he receives only one set of lashes. If, however, he simultaneously entered the tent and becomes tameh, he receives two sets of lashes.

If, for example, he entered a tent in which there is a person who is about to die, and waited there until the person died, his becoming tameh and his entering the tent in which there is a dead body came simultaneously. If, however, he entered a tent which previously contained a dead body, the tumah preceded the entering,3 as explained [in Nazir] based on the principles given in tractate Ohalos.