The 202nd prohibition is that a Nazirite is forbidden from drinking wine or any type of strong drink with a substantial amount1 of grape juice mixed in.

The source of this commandment is G‑d's statement,2 "He shall not drink any grape beverage (kol mishras anavim)."

The Torah was very strict with this law, prohibiting a case even when the wine, or strong drink with wine mixed in, has turned to vinegar. The source of this is G‑d's statement,3 "He may not even drink vinegar made from wine (chometz yayin) or vinegar made from a strong drink (chometz sheichar)."

This prohibition [of vinegar] does not count as a separate mitzvah. Had the verse said, "He may not drink wine (yayin) or vinegar from a strong drink (chometz sheichar)," then they would count as two mitzvos [since vinegar and wine are mentioned separately]. However, the verse [mentions them together, and] says, "He may not even drink vinegar made from wine (chometz yayin)." This phrase comes merely to extend the prohibition regarding wine [to include wine which has turned to vinegar, rather than creating a separate prohibition]. It is explained in tractate Nazir4 that the phrase5 "grape beverage" (mishras anavim) comes to prohibit the taste [of grapes] like it itself.6

The proof that they count as just one mitzvah is the law that a person who drank both wine and vinegar does not receive two sets of lashes, as explained below.7

The Nazirite receives lashes for drinking a revi'is8 of wine or vinegar.