And the 140th prohibition is that we are forbidden from eating those invalid sacrifices which may not be eaten. This is when there is a blemish which was inflicted intentionally, as explained in tractate Bechoros,1 or when, after it was slaughtered, the sacrifice became invalid in a way that prohibits its consumption.

The source of this commandment is the verse,2 "Do not eat any abomination."

The Sifri says, "The verse, 'Do not eat any abomination,' refers to invalid sacrifices." It also says there, "R. Eliezer ben Yaakov says, 'What is the source in Scripture that one who blemishes the ear of a firstborn animal3 and eats from it transgresses a prohibition? It is the verse, 'Do not eat any abomination.'"

One who eats [from such a sacrifice] is punished by lashes.

The details of this mitzvah have been explained in tractate Bechoros.