The 145th mitzvah is that we are commanded regarding the law of ch'ramim, i.e. when a person declares something he owns to be forbidden by saying, "This is cherem," he must give that object to a kohen, because a statement of cherem which is unspecified1 goes to the kohanim. If, however, he specified that it is for G‑d,2 then it goes for the Temple fund (bedek habayis).

The source of this commandment is G‑d's statement,3 "Any cherem to G‑d which a person declares from among his possessions, whether a human being or an animal [or a hereditary field, cannot be sold or redeemed]."

[The Torah] teaches us that a statement of cherem which is unspecified goes to the kohanim by saying4 [Regarding a field that is released by the jubilee year, "It becomes consecrated to G‑d;] like a field that has been made cherem, it becomes the property of the kohanim."

The details of this mitzvah are explained in the eighth chapter of Erachin and the beginning of Nedarim.