And the 54th mitzvah is that we are commanded to rejoice on the festivals.

The source of this commandment is G‑d's statement1 (exalted be He), "You shall rejoice on your festival."

It is the third of the commandments which are fulfilled on the festivals.2

The first obligation3 that is hinted to in this commandment is the obligation to bring a peace offering. These peace offerings are in addition to the Chagigah peace offerings. The Talmud4 calls them simchah peace offerings. It is regarding these peace offering that our Sages said,5 "Women are obligated in rejoicing."

Scripture states,6 "You shall sacrifice peace offerings and eat there, rejoicing before G‑d."

The details of this mitzvah too are explained in Tractate Chagigah.

Included in G‑d's statement,7 "You shall rejoice on your festi­val," are the instructions of our Sages,8 "You shall rejoice with all types of joy," including eating meat on the festivals, drinking wine, wearing new clothing, giving fruits and sweets to the women and children, and Simchas Beis HaShoevah, i.e., the rejoicing with musi­cal instruments and dancing in the Temple [on Sukkos]. All the above are included in the commandment, "You shall rejoice on your festival."

The strictest obligation among them is drinking wine, since it is unique in [causing] joy. In the words of tractate Pesachim,9 "A man must bring joy to his children and household on the festival. How does he bring them joy? With wine." Our Sages also say there, "We learned, Rabbi Yehudah ben Beteira says, 'When the Temple was standing, the only way to fulfill the commandment of rejoicing was with meat [of the offerings], as it is written,10 "You shall sacrifice peace offerings." Today, the only way to fulfill the commandment is with wine, as it is written,11 "Wine rejoices the heart of man." ' " Our Sages also say, "Men [rejoice] in what is ap­propriate for them, and women [rejoice] in what is appropriate for them."12

Scripture requires that one include in this rejoicing also the needy,13 the poor and converts, as G‑d said,14 "[You shall rejoice on your festival, you...] and the Levite, the convert, the orphan, and the widow."