And the 46th mitzvah is that we are commanded to bring two loaves1 of leavened bread to the Temple on the fixed2 day of Shavuos, together with the offerings3 which accompany this bread, and to sacrifice them as Scripture explains in the Book of Leviticus.4 The priests eat these two loaves after they have been waved5 with the peace offering of sheep.

The source of this commandment is G‑d's statement6 (exalted be He), "From the land upon which you live you shall bring two loaves of bread as a wave offering. They shall be made of two-tenths [of an ephah of wheat meal]."

It has been explained in the 4th chapter of Menachos7 that the sacrifices which are brought with these loaves are different from, and in addition to, the musaf offerings.8 We have explained this sufficiently in [the Commentary of the Mishneh to] tractate Menachos.9

All the details of this mitzvah have been explained in the 4th, 5th, 8th,10 and 11th chapters of Menachos.