Wearing a Mixture of Wool and Linen

"You shall not wear a garment of sha'atnez"Deuteronomy 22:11.

It is forbidden to wear a garment woven [or sewn] of wool and linen, as was the practice of ancient pagan priests, and still practiced today [Ed.'s note: in Maimonides' times] amongst Egyptian monks.

Leaving the Edges of the Fields for the Poor

"...you shall leave them over"Leviticus 19:10.

We are commanded to leave over the edge of our grain and fruit crops for the poor and the stranger.

This commandment applies to an individual tree as it does to a field, and only in the Land of Israel.

Reaping an Entire Harvest

"Do not remove the corners of your field when you reap the harvest"Leviticus 23:22.

It is forbidden to harvest an entire field without leaving over the edge for the needy.