Non-Kosher Fish

"And they shall be a detestable thing to you, you shall not eat from their meat, and their carcasses you shall hold in abomination"Leviticus 11:11.

It is forbidden to eat any non-kosher fish.

Flying Insects

"And every creeping flying thing is unclean to you: they shall not be eaten"Deuteronomy 14:19.

It is forbidden to eat any flying insect, such as flies, bees or hornets.

Creeping Land Creatures

"And every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth is a detestable thing; it shall not be eaten"Leviticus 11:41.

It is forbidden to eat any creature that creeps on the ground, such as bugs or worms.

Insects that are Born from Decay

"You shall not defile yourselves [by eating] any creeping creature that creeps upon the earth"—Leviticus 11:44.

It is forbidden to eat any species of creature that is born from rotted matter (as opposed to creatures conceived from a male and female).

Insects that Develop inside Fruit or Seeds

"Among all creeping things that creep upon the earth, you shall not eat them for they are an abomination"Leviticus 11:42.

It is forbidden to eat any living creature that is born within fruits or seeds—once they have exited the fruit or seed (even if they have now reentered).