The 207th mitzvah is that we are commanded to love converts.

The source of this commandment is G‑d's statement (exalted be He),1 "You must love the convert."

Since the convert spoken of here is a ger tzedek,2 he is included in the commandment for the entire Jewish people,3 "You must love your neighbor." Nevertheless, since he has now4 entered the Jewish religion, G‑d shows him additional love and added an extra commandment [to love him].

This is similar to the prohibition of mistreating5 him, where in addition to the prohibition6 [regarding all Jews], "You shall not mistreat one another," G‑d also said,7 "Do not mistreat a convert." The Gemara8 explains that one who mistreats a convert transgresses both, "You shall not mistreat one another," and, "Do not mistreat a convert."

We are similarly commanded to love him, [both] by the commandment,9 "You must love your neighbor as [you love] yourself," and the commandment,10 "You must love the convert."

This is obvious and not hidden, and I am not aware of anyone among those who have compiled the list of commandments who has failed to realize this.

In many Midrashim11 is it explained that G‑d has commanded us regarding the convert, as He has commanded us regarding Himself (exalted be He). This [is evident] from the verse,12 "Love G‑d your Lord," and the verse,13 "You must love the convert."