The year was 1996. I was visiting Crown Heights when a friend suggested we visit the webmaster of Chabad in Cyberspace. We asked around and found that YY was working from his basement in his house, from where he was running Chabad in Cyberspace.

At first look the basement set-up looked like some kind of weird science experiment. There were old computers stacked up against the walls, electrical wires hanging from the ceiling, and there was YY sitting at a monitor (one of many) typing some mysterious computer code. He greeted us with the biggest, warmest smile. After a tour of the one room "facility," we adjourned up to his living room and proceeded to discuss the intricacies and successes YY was having with using the internet as a way to reach out to Jews worldwide.

I was motivated by listening to YY's stories. Right then and there I decided to build a website for our Chabad back home in Potomac, Maryland. YY was excited that I would take on this 'mitzvah.'

I have no technical or computer expertise. Why should that stop me?

I went back got some technical help, encouragement and support from Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan, our local Chabad emissary, and build our state-of-the-art website. Today, that website would look like an 8-year-old child built it in one hour.

Anyway, I kept in touch with YY during the next two years via email, and live when I would appear at Crown Heights. He was constantly pushing and encouraging me to go farther, expand the capabilities of the website, try new approaches.

I will never forget YY's smile and total excitement he would express when talking about Chabad in Cyberspace. I miss him.

Evan Leepson