Twenty-five years have passed since the passing of the celebrated "Father of the Jewish Internet," Rabbi Y.Y. Kazen—affectionately known by his signature, "YY".

Rabbi Kazen was a visionary who used the fledgling internet to reach Jews throughout the world, well before most people knew its use or potential. Many of our current subscribers were profoundly touched by YY in those early years of Chabad In Cyberspace. Rabbi Kazen was a person who cared first and foremost not about information, not about technology, not about search engines and stats, but about people, one person at a time.

We know there are lots of memories stored away in the minds of those who communicated with him, and we want to share those precious memories with our readers who were not fortunate enough to have known YY.

If you knew YYK and have a memory, vignette or revealing anecdote to share, please let us know using the "Reader comments" feature below.