WOW! Let me think back. It has been so many years ago that I was communicating with YY online. If I recall correctly, it was not by email, but rather something like what you would call today, a "chat room." I was using a computer which had a green screen and only characters—no graphics and definitely no sound. I don't even recall how I found his conversations, but somehow I did.

One early morning, about 2AM, I noticed that his last name was Kazen. So, I asked him if he knew the Kazen family in Cleveland, Ohio. Well, you could have tossed me with a feather when he replied back: "Yes, they are my mom and dad."

At some point he told me that he was going to be speaking in Cleveland on a certain date, and that I might wish to attend.

I did attend his talk. He held the audience spellbound as he shared his many stories about his work and the people he helped and was helping online.

The stories YY shared were indicative of his passion and commitment for reaching out to all people. People who were Jewish and needed some information, people who had just discovered that they were Jewish, and people of different faiths who just wanted to know about the Jewish faith.

But, what I remember most about his Cleveland talk was that he stressed that with the instant communication of the internet, prophesies are now being fulfilled. YY believed that the Era of the Moshiach is at hand.

Mabel Kopp