The Daniel B. Sobel Friendship House is a safe haven - a place where people in crisis of all ages and backgrounds can go to pull themselves together, determine what their next steps will be, and readjust to the world around them, all in an environment of unconditional friendship and support.

The Friendship House, a non-threatening, comfortable home, features cozy lounges, a kitchen and dining area, a library filled with hundreds of titles on recovery and addiction, offices for counseling and administration, and a social hall for meetings and events. A variety of activities are offered on a daily basis, and the House is available for AA/NA and other recovery meetings.

The main weekly event for the Jewish Recovery Community takes place on Thursday nights at the Friendship House. Jewish recovering addicts from all walks of life gather for a Dinner & Learn, eating togehter, and participating in Rabbi Pinson's class on Judaism & Recovery. Following dinner the Jewish Recovery Meeting takes place. The meeting is open to Jewish people who belong to a 12-step program and who have a desire to recover.

For more information, and schedule of events please visit the Friendship House website.