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Editorial & Commentary

Opinions on news events from the past decade

Elections, Crises in Israel, Virginia Tech Massacre, the Iraqi War, Hurricane Katrina, the Gaza Disengagement, Shuttle Discovery, 9-11 – What is the Jewish approach to these events?

When You Crash, 150 People Crash with You
On the Germanwings pilot’s suicide
7 Things a Thief Can Teach You About Faith
Our synagogue was recently ransacked. It got me thinking . . .
The Charleston Massacre and the End of Mass Murder
Human civilization—the sum total of civilized human behavior—is not keeping pace, and in some very important ways, even regressing.
Living in France in a State of War
Eternal Chanukah
My mind wanders back to recent events in Paris. Forces of darkness under a blackened banner extinguished manifold lives.
Why I Walked a Mile in a Blizzard
Before I managed to take the next confident step, I slipped down the snowy hill.
Six Things I Learned from a Gravitational Wave
It’s a phenomenon predicted by Albert Einstein nearly a century ago, but never directly observed until now . . .
A Torch Has Been Lit in Paysandú
A terror victim's life inspires thousands in Uruguay
My New Kosher Kitchen
How did I get to this point? Of not only wanting to have a kosher kitchen, but actually having it koshered?
Words, Wickedness, and Charlottesville
A reflection on the general verbal ugliness of the last decade
You Don’t Need Your Own Truck to Be a Terrorist
And you don’t need formal organizations to counterattack
The Nigerian Prince Is a Hoax
I always suspected that he never really got that inheritance.
Does a Single Vote Really Matter?
With millions of people voting (and millions more having already voted), the question looms large: Why vote?
Forty-Nine Murders
There are those who say that the problem with our murderous world today is that there's not enough religion. Others posit that the problem is that there's too much religion. But this is not about religion--it's about G-d