Did you receive a nice sum of money this Wednesday?

Were you one of the over 90 million Americans whose bank accounts were suddenly graced with a stimulus deposit this week?

So what are you going to do with it?

Some of us really needed that deposit. For some, the past twelve months have been a real disaster.

Then there’s no question where that money is going. There’s debt to pay, essentials to purchase.

But whether you sighed with relief at some help you desperately needed or smiled with pleasure at an unexpected bonus, there’s still something to remember:

As tough as times may have been for you, there’s always someone for whom times have been even tougher.

On a Wednesday in 1959, a young family man in Brooklyn received a handsome sum of cash as Holocaust reparations. He wrote to the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of blessed memory. He described how, with these funds, he was able to buy a car and make a down-payment on a home.

The Rebbe congratulated him. And he blessed him that just as he now has good news about his material needs, so he will have good news in the future about his spiritual needs—and even better, that the two should become one.

Because—the Rebbe continued to bless him—in the future, he will be able to write again that he has received a nice sum of money. Only that this time the first thought that will enter his mind will be that he has to give one-tenth to charity, to good causes, and to those not so fortunate.

Furthermore, he will then decide that he wants to do even better than that, to give even more and receive even more of G‑d’s blessings in kind.

Only that, since the Torah has placed the responsibility of taking care of his own life as well, he will decide that the remaining funds should go towards a new car and a down-payment on a house.

And then the Rebbe told him how wonderful it was to hear of all the good things he had reported he was doing for his community.

Just received a nice surprise in your bank account?

Open up your heart, open up your giving hand, so that the One Above can fill your life with yet more and more blessings.

Even if you yourself have burning needs, debts, climbing expenses—give something, even just a token sum.

It’s a great opportunity to blend your material and your spiritual life, and to tune in to blessings from above.