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Editorial & Commentary

Opinions on news events from the past decade

Elections, Crises in Israel, Virginia Tech Massacre, the Iraqi War, Hurricane Katrina, the Gaza Disengagement, Shuttle Discovery, 9-11 – What is the Jewish approach to these events?

Trauma Worldwide as Apple Drops Headphone Jack
About iPhone 7 & moving forward in life
Sometimes you need to move forward in life. And usually that means dropping something that’s tying you down.
The Kabbalah of Pokémon GO
Can Nintendo save the world?
It’s confirmed. Nintendo has Kabbalists designing their games.
The Torah of Pokémon GO
Artificial Intelligence, Tay & the Tree
The day the Internet went mad
If artificial intelligence takes over, is this what it will look like? Is it a he, a she, an it, or an us?
Harambe the Gorilla, Cincinnati and Me
Examining human priorities and our place in G‑d’s ecosystem
What Does Jewish Law Say About Vaccination?
Recently there’s been is a lot of debate and discussion on the issue of vaccinations. As a parent, I’m curious what Jewish law has to say on the topic.
Dan Uzan—a Walking Mezuzah
In tribute to the Jewish volunteer security guard killed outside a Copenhagen synagogue
Why an Orthodox Rabbi Got Involved in a Movie
Q&A with Rabbi Manis Friedman, who provides the Biblical account in “Patterns of Evidence” documentary
A new documentary that screened on January the 19th in more than 600 cinemas across America grapples with controversial questions about the search for archaeological evidence for the exodus of the Jews from Ancient Egypt as recorded in the Torah.
Reb Lipa, My Dear Friend
In tribute to Rabbi Lipa Dubrawsky
Rabbi Binyomin Bitton writes about the sudden loss of his friend and colleague, Rabbi Lipa Dubrawsky.
A Letter for Peace
The Rebbe's emissaries followed his directives, while wondering about the sudden urgency... That afternoon, the threat of horrific terror against Israel was averted...
Is History Bunk?
A sense of history provides context to help us better deal with the present, tools to understand ourselves and others. Understanding our national past strengthens pride and provides a sense of the mystery of transcendence about our role in the universe. People haven’t changed, and in many ways we face the same challenges that have been faced for thousands of years...
Heads or Tails?
I held up the heavy rusted tail, and presented it to the sixth grade class. It was in excellent condition with all its fins, and with the screw still attached at the end...