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Synagogue How-To
Instructional Videos for Prayer Services
British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks hosts these short instructional videos that show how to perform various prayers and rituals. Featuring Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov.
Everything You Wanted to Know About the Torah Reading
A Synagogue Guide
The detailed laws and reasons for the Torah Reading Service in the synagogue.
Synagogues Around the World
A virtual tour across five continents
Infinite Wisdom
Video | 14:46
Infinite Wisdom
The Torah... A Mitzvah that Unifies and Informs
G-d, who formed and created man and all that exists, shares His wisdom, understanding and knowledge with us through the Torah, enabling us to maximize our potential and fulfill our life's purpose.
Writing the Torah
Video | 4:14
Writing the Torah
The last commandment of the Torah is to write one’s own Sefer Torah. Today this is commonly done through buying a letter, chapter or portion in a joint Sefer Torah. It is written by a scribe who is specially ordained to write, and its laws are meticulous.
A Community Writes Their Own Torah Scroll
Creating A Home for the First Sefer Torah in the State of Florida
The historical completion of the first sefer Torah ever written -- in its entirety -- in the state of Florida ...with a personal statement from Governor Jeb Bush of Florida
Video | 5:44
Prayer for the Deceased
Children recite Kaddish for their loved ones’ departed soul. What is the meaning of Kaddish and how, when and why is Kaddish recited?
Video | 2:35
Rabbi Kadoozy answers a question about prayer and Jono asks G-d to write his term paper.
A Word from Jono
Video | 2:37
A Word from Jono
Jonathan finds out that the Siddur is AWESOME!!
The Cantor
Video | 5:14
The Cantor
The Chazzan
Most prayers are led by a member of the congregation who serves as chazzan or canter. The congregation follows the leader for the duration of the prayer service.
Video | 5:32
The Tefillin are our connection to G-d, as we submit the thoughts in our mind and the emotions in our heart to G-d.
Tzitzit & Tallit
A Constant Reminder
Explore the significance of the ritually fringed four-cornered garment.
The Minyan Guy Part I
Itche and Jono try to build up the congregation by helping a guy fulfill his pledge to pray with a group of ten.
The Minyan Guy Part II
Rabbi Kadoozy struggles to find enough people for a Minyan.
The Minyan Guy Part III
Rabbi Kadoozy has to find a tenth guy for a Minyan.
The Kabbalah of Prayer
The concept of prayer seems paradoxical: asking G-d, who is infinite and all knowing, to grant us our puny needs and desires?
A synagogue is a place of Jewish worship. In addition to housing a sanctuary for services, synagogues (most notably Chabad centers) serve as the centerpoint of Jewish life.
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