1. Praise the Lord! Praise God in His holiness; praise Him in the firmament of His strength.
2. Praise Him for His mighty acts; praise Him according to His abundant greatness.
3. Praise Him with the call of the shofar; praise Him with harp and lyre.
4. Praise Him with timbrel and dance; praise Him with stringed instruments and flute.
5. Praise Him with resounding cymbals; praise Him with clanging cymbals.

Tehillim Ohel Yoseph Yitzchok (Kehot Publication Society)

Tehillim is recited by Jewish people collectively and individually, as the desire occurs to offer praise and thanksgiving to G-d; or alternitavely, in times of crisis and need, as a form of supplication, and even as a venue to express regret for sin.

6. Let every soul praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!