Imagine you have an opportunity to get the most out of a year. Someone offers to fulfill any dream, aspiration or fantasy of yours for a full year. It’s likely that the first thing that would come to mind is a paid sabbatical leave.

E‑mail, BlackBerry, iPod, task juggling and multitasking, instant technology, information overload and anything else we are bombarded with—all inhibit our ability to remain sane. All human beings need a balanced rhythm of work and rest in order to achieve peak or even mediocre performance.

Sometimes we have such busy, hectic and crazy days, it’s “time to take the time” and get our life under control.

This Shemittah contains a message for all of us to “let go,” “take it easy” and “free up our time”is why we have Shabbat every week. The word Shabbat means “to stop” or “to rest.” G‑d rested from creation, and He expects us to do the same.

And now, welcome the year of 5775.

This year is a year of Shemittah. It occurs every seven years. Shemittah is a year when we are expected to cease from working the land (of Israel) for an entire year.

Shemittah contains a message for all of us to “let go,” “take it easy” and “free up our time” throughout this coming year.

What will we do with all that free time?

This is a year to brutally edit our lives, take deep breaths, stretch and find time for what we really want to do. This is a time for spiritual renewal and growth, including Torah study, spiritual retreat and rest.

May we all get the most out of our sabbatical. May the “extra time” gained this year elevate us to a “time beyond time,” the ultimate sabbatical—the complete redemption which we will be ushered in by our righteous Moshiach.