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Texts and Tools

Checklists, tools and texts to help you plan your Jewish wedding.

Approved Dates for a Wedding
Find an appropriate and auspicious date to schedule a Jewish wedding.
Wedding Checklist
A ketubah and a wedding band -- those are the obvious items on the list... Print out this list to ensure you are completely prepared for all the religious needs of your wedding.
Wedding Honoree List
A checklist with all the traditional honors meted out during the course of a Jewish wedding.
Find a Rabbi
The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa -- no matter the venue of your wedding, chances are that nearby there's a Chabad rabbi qualified to officiate at your wedding
Tena'im Text
The Engagement Contract
Traditional text of the tnai'm, the engagement contract, along with an English translation.
Chupah Texts
Greeting hymns for the bride and groom, betrothal blessings, the ketubah, Sheva Brachot, and more.
Lessons in Sefer HaMaamarim - Wedding Discourses
The text of the chassidic discourses recited by Chabad grooms during the pre-chupah reception.
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