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Shalom Bayit Readings

How to make a marriage work in the long term? This collection of essays and insights will offer much food for thought in this key area of life.

Five Marriage Insights From Aaron the High Priest
Discover some enduring lessons regarding love and compromise from Aaron the High Priest.
Why Must I Work at My Marriage?
Isn’t Love Natural?
In the real world we don’t just ride into the sunset and live happily ever after.
Pay Attention to These 5 Relationship Red Flags
Is your relationship in trouble? This article reveals five warning signs that could help you turn things around while you still can.
Immersed in Love
Can there be anything more beautiful than young love?
One of the greatest challenges of married life is the notion that familiarity breeds contempt. While things may be bliss at the outset, the routine engenders boredom, listlessness, and eventually indifference.
What Do We Do About the Relationship Crisis?
Genuine love not only respects the individuality of the other, but actually seeks to cultivate it. Love, like the act of creation, is the courageous act of creating space for the presence of the other.
The Man Who Mistook His Wife's Foot for His Own
The doctor may have been taken aback... But actually, he wasn't mistaken.
The Rebbe’s prescription for a troubled marriage
An Intimate View on Intimacy
To be intimate means to go into a place that is private, that is sacred, that is set aside. It means one person entering into the private, sacred part of another human being's existence...
Coffee Break
Masculine and feminine modes of communication reflect our respective arenas of spiritual expertise. Unfortunately, the differences can sometimes result in unintended discord
Do What You Want Done
One of the ironies of life is that we do the same things over and over again, but expect different results...
How to Agree to Disagree
It is possible for two people to see and hear the same event and yet each has a totally different experience of what actually took place...
Winning the Battle but Losing the War
"I got my way in the end," a friend of mine announced proudly. "He'll never start with me again. Aren't you happy for me?"
What I Learned from Michael Schiavo
Imagine that the story had been in the reverse--that the parents wanted to remove the feeding tube and the husband was the one who insisted that he would take care of her and keep her alive. Realistic?
What Makes a Marriage Tick?
Newlyweds think the question doesn't apply to them and never will: they are the first to discover marriage and the final authorities on it too.
The Spousal Put-Down
The wife who pokes fun at her husband's clumsiness proves nothing about him other than that he was unlucky enough to marry an unsupportive spouse...
How Can Men and Women Get Along?
Isn’t marriage between man and woman a violation of the laws of kilayim, which prohibit the intermixing of divergent species?
Benjamin Franklin was a Wise Fellow
"Keep your eyes wide open before marriage," Ben Franklin quoted, "and half shut afterwards.'
Tasting Life's Bitter Waters
You are married, or intensely committed, to a vision, a goal, a dream. Then along comes life . . .
Love at Second Sight
"Love at first sight" is a monumental bobba meise
The Paradigm of Happiness
We've all met unhappy beauty queens and discontented millionaires. Marriages break up and dream jobs go sour. Is life just an endless conveyor belt of unmet expectations?
What to Do with a Stale Mate
“Nothing new under the sun,” wrote King Solomon in Ecclesiastes. And so, we discover this week that infidelity and other marital problems aren’t exactly a new societal phenomenon . . .
The Lifelong Marriage
Going through life with a spouse we love is one of the greatest satisfactions in life. A small percentage of us have a natural gift for it—the rest of us have to learn it. So how is it done?
Marriage and Family Life
A treasury of thoughts and aphorism gleaned from the wisdom of the Torah and the Jewish sages which will enrich your wedding and marriage.
Secrets to a Successful Second Marriage
One would think that an individual who has gone through a divorce would have “learned his lesson” and will, therefore, not repeat the mistakes of the past. But often this isn’t the case.
Why a Happy Marriage Is Like Matzo Ball Soup
8 delicious, humorous, and insightful tips just waiting to be sampled and internalized.
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