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A selection of stories about dating: from the conventianal to the supernatural.

A Pittsburgh Miracle
The warmth and the songs uplifted Marilyn in a way she hadn’t expected, creating a sense of openness inside her to whatever destiny had to offer.
A Joke Made in Heaven
“Go in peace,” said the Maggid to the destitute and unmarried young scholar. “Accept the first marriage proposal that is suggested to you.”
The Seven-Day Wonder
The Baal Shem Tov passed his handkerchief over the boy's face and commanded, "Give us a word of Torah..."
The Matchmaker
I had signed up for J-date, the on-line Jewish dating service, and I was getting frustrated with the whole experience. From the music industry braggart with the purple Jaguar to the seventy-five year old who’d claimed to be fifty, the prospects were disappointing...
A Dollar, a Story, and the (Re)union of Eliezer and Devorah
The divine providence found in an engagement, a breakup, and a reunion years later in Jerusalem.
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