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Brief Thoughts from the Rebbes

A selection of readings about the joyous Simchat Torah festival. Learn about the holiday's origins, significance, and mystical underpinnings.

On Simchat Torah we become the Torah's feet, expressing complete acceptance of the Heavenly yoke.
Every year on Simchat Torah, a "new radiance" is added to the Torah.
The rejoicing of Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah is not tied to a specific mitzvah, so all may participate equally.
The most perfect form of peace occurs when the enemy himself is converted to a friend.
A Jew sits in his dark house, hungry, with torn clothes. Suddenly, he recalls that today is Simchat Torah...
What is the link between the last phrase of the Torah, “before the eyes of all Israel,” and “In the beginning G-d created”?
Life and Non-Death
In the prayer for rain, why do we say “lamavet,” which implies that we seek “life” and not “not-death”?
Why do we read about the passing of Moses on Simchat Torah? Isn't it contrary to the joy of the holiday?
The prayer “He causes the wind to blow and the rain to descend” can be connected to the coming of Moshiach.
Why was Simchat Torah instituted on Shemini Atzeret, and not on Shavuot?
The rejoicing of Simchat Torah stems from the essence of the Torah, which is relevant to every Jew equally.
From the business of a wholesaler we can learn about the service of Elul, Tishrei and Simchat Torah.
How jealous the angels must be of the Simchat Torah dancing...
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