Rosh Hashanah is about expanding our consciousness to the awareness of G‑d as King, as melech. By this, we do not mean a man on the throne, but this refers to the unified divine order of life. When we experience G‑d as the Source of Life, as the King, we can let go of worry and fear, we see through illusions, and we are not bound to the past.

Here are five affirmations to keep in mind this Rosh Hashanah:

1. I want to experience G‑d as King. G‑d is the source of compassion, love, ecstasy, wisdom, beauty and all that is good. When I experience G‑d as King, the negative limiting thoughts of the voice of doubt, fear and judgment have no domain in my consciousness, and the wonderful qualities of G‑d are active and supreme in my life. G‑d is my judge. G‑d is kind, compassionate and loving, and seeks my highest good.

2. I surrender to G‑d. I do not experience myself as a victim; rather, I experience myself as a part of G‑d. I know that on some level, whether conscious or not, that my soul has chosen the challenges I have experienced in my life because these were the ways for me to grow. I accept the lessons I have learned with love and gratitude, even though I may not understand the reasons for the choices. I am committed to learning, growing and living in the coming year.

3. I am committed to living authentically—to give voice to the dreams of my soul for I know that this comes from G‑d. It is G‑d’s will that I be free, that I be loving, that I be holy, that I be joyful, that I be creative, that I be who I truly am.

4. I do not fear and I do not hate, for G‑d is my King. I know that my true and lasting happiness rests in doing G‑d’s will. Through serving G‑d, I am true to the whole of myself and bring about the good of the universe.

5. This Rosh Hashanah, I open myself to receive a new vision of my life and my service. I rejoice and trust that the power of G‑d that flows through me will empower and guide me to do what I am meant to, to meet the people whom I need to meet to express more fully who I am. I have faith that G‑d’s kingdom will be established on this earth, and there will be peace—a true and lasting peace.