Rabbi Yosef Dov Soleveitchik related: When I learned in cheder, in the village of Chaslavitch, a day before Rosh Hashanah, one could recognize in my teacher, who was a Chabad Chassid, an unaccustomed feeling and joy. We students were very amazed at this, until our teacher said to us, “Do you know what tomorrow evening is? Tomorrow will be Rosh Hashanah, and among Chassidim the night of Rosh Hashanaha is called 'Karanatzia Nacht' ('Coronation Night'), when we place a crown on the head of G‑d, so to speak. And do you know who places the crown? Yankel the Tailor and Berel the Shoemaker . . ."

Over the years I have said many sermons and written many discourses on the concepts of Rosh Hashanah, but nothing ever made me feel the theme of the holiday as the words of that teacher. Every year, when I pray: “Rule over the whole world in Your glory,” I remember them.