“Why was Adam created on Shabbat eve? This is analogous to an earthly king building a palace, preparing a feast, and then inviting guests. G‑d also created the whole world, provided all its needs, and afterwards invited guests-Adam and Eve.”

Man, then, is the honored guest of the world, who finds everything prepared and ready for him. However, at the same time, we are told that “Man is born to toil” and the well-known dictum “I was only created to serve my Maker” also describes man in the role of a servant, obligated to serve his Master with faithfulness and toil.

Even when a person finds himself in a “king’s palace,” a situation in which he has everything he needs and more, he must use his advantages to serve the Creator. Therefore a person must serve G‑d, not only by learning Torah and fulfilling mitzvot, but also “in his eating and drinking,” “with his business activities,” and even (if he prepares beforehand) while sleeping.

G‑d graciously gives each individual the ability to add to “the palace of the King,” even though it was formed by G‑d with Divine wisdom. Similarly, however lofty a person’s status and that of his surroundings, he is able and obligated to bring them to a higher perfection, thus becoming a “Partner with G‑d in the work of creation.”

(Likkutei Sichot, vol. 14, p. 451)