The observance and the order of prayer for the second day of Rosh Hashanah are the same as for the first day with the exception of the Torah reading and the haftarah.

When making Kiddush in the evening of the second day, it is customary to have a new fruit on the table or to wear a new article of clothing, which require the blessing of She-hecheyanu. And when one says the She-hecheyanu blessing during the Kiddush, his intention should extend simultaneously to the new fruit or garment as well as to the sanctity of the day, since there is some doubt as to whether the inclusion of She-hecheyanu in the Kiddush is obligatory for the second night.

Women follow this practice during candle lighting on the second night.

If there is no new fruit or new clothing available, most authorities rule that She-hecheyanu should still be said at candle lighting, by women and Kiddush, by men.