Chassidic master Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rymanov (c.1755-1815) was a very special person, an ascetic who was known for his tremendous awe of G‑d, his modesty and his passionate prayers, and people came to see him because he was considered a miracle worker as well.

Despite all his accomplishments, the Rymanover Rebbe did not have money and he didn't care for money either. He was actually so poor that he often could not feed his children.

There is a beautiful story about how he came home one day and found his little son crying, for the poor boy had not eaten in a long time. "I can't bear being hungry anymore!" sobbed the child. With a bleeding heart his father rebuked him: "If your hunger was really as great as you say, G‑d would provide something..."

The boy could not stop crying and he left the room in tears. After a moment his father called him back and said to him: "Please forgive me, my sweet child! I had no idea that your hunger was so overwhelming. I just took one of my books off the table and look what I found next to it—a coin. You see, G‑d always helps when it is needed most. Now go and buy some bread and make a blessing..."

We often think we that can't hold out any longer, be it hunger, grief or some other test, but G‑d knows what we truly need and at the right moment—which He alone knows—He gives. So trust Him and Him alone.