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Dating Audio

Does Traditional Jewish Dating Make Sense?
Are we dating right? Discover how to refine your search for love.
The Story of Marriage
Audio | 1:08:25
The Story of Marriage
Marriage may be a good idea all by itself. However G-d prefers to make it a mitzvah. He wants to be our partner in marriage. This makes marriage far greater than a human affair.
What Did the Beautiful Ones Say?
The 15th of Av
On the 15th of Av young men and women would meet in the vineyards of Jerusalem for the purpose of finding their soul-mate. The beautiful girls among them would declare that a young man aught set his eyes to beauty alone. The Talmud does not censure them, even mildly. But surely, as Scripture states, "Charm is false and beauty has no substance"?! (Likutei Sichos vol. 19, p. 80)
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