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All About Adar

9 Things Every Jew Should Know About the Month of Adar
Known as a month of celebration and happiness, Adar contains the joyous holiday of Purim. But that isn’t the only thing that makes Adar special.
Why Is Adar a Month of Happiness?
Why is Adar such a happy month? Because it is so inauspicious for the Jewish nation!
Are You Happy?
Tips from the month of Adar
Happiness is one of the most sought-after and elusive goals. Everyone wants to have it, but not everyone knows how to find it easily. Why is it so difficult to find? Perhaps because we look for it in the wrong place . . .
The Monkey and the Elephant
Insights into the month of laughter
First the elephant's trunk is threaded through the eyelet, then his head, followed by his entire huge body. Imagine dreaming such a dream!
Sixty Days of Purim
Purim, as everyone knows, falls in the month of Adar. Actually, according to the Kabbalists, it's the other way around: Adar rises in Purim...
On the 27th of Adar the Rebbe suffered a stroke, and spoke no more. How are we to view this event? What does it demand of us?
The Month of Adar
Video | 12:00
The Month of Adar
“Mazal tov” is not “good luck”
The Torah tells us not to pay attention to astrological influences, but it also tells us that Adar is a month full of “mazal” (good fortune). How do we reconcile these concepts?
The Zodiac of Adar
Video | 27:42
The Zodiac of Adar
The Kabbalah of the Jewish months
Learn the mystical dimension of the Jewish month embedded in its Hebrew name, mazal, tribe, attribute and more. The Hebrew zodiac for Adar is “dagim” (fish), a.k.a. Pisces.
Adar: The Month of Mazal
The 'mazal' of the Jewish people is stronger in Adar.
An Auspicious Month
May you share joyous news – the month of Adar brings especially good fortune, as does the following month, Nissan.
I’m fasting today, but I’ll be feasting tonight.
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