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Shema Stories

I'm Telling You, Child, You Are a Gentile
A spiritual journey: from Tonica Marlow to Tova Mordechai
Tonica Marlow couldn’t take her eyes off the rabbi or the Torah scroll he held in his hand. What am I doing here? she kept asking herself. So many times she had promised herself never to come here again, and yet here she was again . . .
The Agnostic’s Reward
“Rebbe, I can prove that the Torah is false . . . I have broken every available precept for decades now, and I have a wonderful life, blessed with financial success, good health and a happy family . . .”
The Face of a Hero
It is a name that until a few days ago held no meaning to me. He was a complete stranger, about whom I had never heard and whom I had never met...
Thirty Years of Nightly Prayers in the Outback
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