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10 Facts Every Jew Should Know About the Shema Prayer
The Shema prayer is not simply the Jewish declaration of faith that G‑d exists. It is an affirmation that G‑d is the only true existence.
Why Do We Whisper Baruch Shem in Shema?
What is the source for it? Why do we add it to one of the most fundamental Jewish prayers, and why do we say it quietly?
Why Do We Cover Our Eyes for Shema?
It is crucial to have the proper intention when reciting the first verse of Shema, even more so than during other parts of prayer.
Bedtime Shema
All’s Well That Ends Well
We all know that how we slept at night determines a lot of how we perform the next day. That’s one good reason to get into the “Bedtime Shema” routine . . .
Laws of Reciting the Shema (Part I)
Our sages tell us that the creation of the entire world is considered a worthwhile endeavor just for the acceptance of the yoke of Heaven that we enact during the daily recital of Shema.
Laws of Reciting the Shema (Part II)
When one recites the Shema, he should do so tremulously, with concentration, reverence and awe, as people are wont to do when reading a new communication issued by the king.
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