I sit here in silence
As I do every day
I sit here in silence
And I pass the time away

Just sitting on the doorstep
Watching everything
I watch the people pass me by
Wondering what today will bring

Hoping for some change
The price of a cup of tea
May not mean that much to them
But means the world to me

But I was once like them
Always on the go
Passing people just like me
But little did I know

That I’d be sitting here someday
Begging on the street
Freezing with the cold
Wearing nothing on my feet

Losing all my family
Losing all my friends
Now all I have is memories
And the hunger never ends

Trying to keep warm
From the hail rain and snow
I wish I wasn’t here
But I’ve nowhere else to go

I haven’t got the strength
Nor the will to fight
But living with the fear
Of where ill sleep tonight

Thinking of the things I had
The things I didn’t share
Always wanting more
Back then I didn’t care

Back then I didn’t think
Or understand why
But if I knew what I know now
I wouldn’t pass me by

It’s not about the money
It’s not about the greed
It’s not about what you have
But just having what you need

I’ll find somewhere to sleep tonight
Somewhere I shouldn’t be
I may not have the comfort
But it’s the only life I see

But I’ll have a chat with G‑d tonight
Cos I know he’s always near
For he’s the only one
That can take me away from here