The famed "Seer of Lublin" (Chassidic master Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Horowitz, 1745?-1815) would sometimes interrupt his prayers to take a pinch of tobacco. One of his disciples noticed that and found it disrepectful. So the "Seer" told the following story:

A king heard an old harp player in the street and summoned him to the palace. There he played and the king loved his melodies, but it was annoying that the old man had to interrupt his songs frequently to tune his rickety instrument. When the king made a remark about that, the harp player answered him:

"Your majesty, I'm sure that my lord the king has lavishly outfitted chamber orchestras with new expensive instruments. But if it pleases my lord the king to listen to the tunes of an old man, his majesty will have to put up with the limitations and peculiarities of my art and of my tools."

The chassid understood.