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Rabbi Akiva (Akiba) Stories

Rabbi Akiba: A Drop of Water
A Drop of Water
Rabbi Akiba in Prison
In Prison
The Daughter of Rabbi Akiba
The Star-Gazers Were Wrong
Rabbi Akiva and the Orphan
The classic story to explain why a mourner says kaddish
Tinneius Rufus, the Roman ambassador to Judea at the beginning of the second century, asked Rabbi Akiva, “Why does G‑d hate us?"
Where Rabbi Akiva Saw Joy
The students broke into tears. Looking up, they noticed that Rabbi Akiva was laughing.
The Snake in the Wall
“On the day your daughter enters the bridal chamber,” the astrologers said to Rabbi Akiva, “a snake will bite her and she will die.”
The Fox and the Fishes
Said the fox to the fiishes: “Why don’t you come out onto the dry land? We’ll live together, as my ancestors lived with your ancestors . . .”

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