Pesach Sheni Essays

A collection of reflections, teachings and Torah thoughts on the holiday of second chances.

What Is Pesach Sheni (the Second Passover)?
The "Second Passover" marks the day when someone who was unable to participate in the Passover offering in the proper time would observe the mitzvah exactly one month later.
10 Facts About Pesach Sheini Every Jew Needs to Know
If someone was unable to participate in the Passover offering at the proper time, they would offer the sacrifice a month later.
Why Does Only Pesach Have a Make-Up Day?
Discover the historical and mystical reason why this is the only holiday observance that can be made up one month later.
Matzah on Pesach Sheini: When and Why?
The Paschal lamb was consumed on the evening of Iyar 15, but the custom is to eat matzah on Iyar 14. Why?
When You Mess Up
No one is ever too lost to make amends in their lives. When we stray or mess up, if we recognize how far gone we are and we are shaken to our core, we can rebound.
A Second Chance
We all appreciate a statement like “There’s always a second chance.” It fits quite nicely on the December 31 page of an Inspirational Sayings Calendar. But how does it mesh with real life?
If the Milk Can’t Be Unspilled, Why Not Cry?
The “Second Passover” is observed on the fourteenth of Iyar. The origin of this semi-holiday is quite fascinating . . .
Never Too Late
When a person’s contact with death evokes in him a striving for life he would never have mustered without that experience, then the contact with death is transformed into a more intense involvement with life.
The Missing Complaint
A group of Jews had found themselves in a state which, by divine decree, absolved them from the duty to bring the Passover offering. Yet they refused to reconcile themselves to this.
Pesach Sheni
There are many differences between the observance of the First and Second Passovers. Is there one common thread which can explain all these differences?
Addicted to Chametz?
Nowadays we commemorate the Second Passover by making sure to indulge in some matzah, but simultaneously we are permitted bread and other chametz on the table.
G-d gives us an extra month to get ourselves together.
Is Everything Fixable?
G-d never promised that we won’t fall off, but He will help us climb back on again.
The Gift of Second Chances
It doesn’t matter how old we are, how lost we’ve been or where we are holding in our lives today. We beg Him to give us a second chance, and He obliges.
How Things Worked Out
The “Second Passover” from the perspective of a recovering alcoholic
Some might think it odd when they hear an alcoholic in recovery say something like “Being an alcoholic is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”
Please Try Again
You can be physically close, yet detached and distant in attitude—here in body, elsewhere in mind.
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