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Tractate Bava Metzia (the second of the three-part series of Nezikin, which covers interpersonal laws) deals with many civil laws such as the mitzvah to return lost property, how one is to properly safeguard the property of another, and the prohibition against usury.

The last chapter discusses the various laws governing two neighbors inhabiting a duplex, and how repairs are to be carried out. The conversation then turns to vegetation growing on the connecting bank between two gardens, one above the other. Rabbi Simeon posits that all produce the owner of the upper garden is able to reach from his perch belongs to him; everything else belongs to his nether neighbor.

The tractate ends with the following words:

Ephraim the Scribe, a disciple of Resh Lakish, said on the authority of the latter: The halachah agrees with R. Simeon. When this was told to King Shapur, he exclaimed [in admiration], “A parade [should be held] for R. Simeon.”