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Memories from 2001

Articles, stories and insights written around the attacks

From the Brink of Despair
a 9/11 story
Dan told me that in recent days, as images of the 9-11 attacks appeared on television again and again with the approach of the anniversary, Sasha had become even more depressed, to the point that he was suicidal.
Wanton Hatred, Wanton Love
We all look for consolation, and we seek to console. But the sheer enormity of the evil we just experienced is so hideous, so repellent, we’re left with no words.
Today I Saw Evil
This is what a satanic act looks like: Bright, metallic, swinging with ease across the sky, turning with complete mastery of the laws of physics, the laws of life and death, the laws of pain and fear . . .
The Sacred and the Good
A line was drawn in the sand. On September 11, the line became crude, the divisions crystal clear. But between good and evil are many gradations; both lie within a larger field that unites them. Indeed, if this were not the case, then we on the side of good could have no effect on evil . . .
Twin Towers - A Spiritual Reincarnation
Why was I witness? Can I possibly understand the purpose of death, pain and suffering? No. But I can choose to learn from it. You are a child of a living, pulsating, compassionate Creator. Do it and live it. Reincarnate the souls of those torn so rudely from us.
Where Were You on September 11th?
Sharing Memories of the Day that Changed Our Lives
The Rabbi of Ground Zero
A Chaplain's Recollections of 9-11
Colonel Jacob Z. Goldstein of the New York Army National Guard recalls the fateful events of September 11th as he tended to the spiritual needs at the site of the fallen towers and his experiences during the four and a half months he spent at Ground Zero. (Many viewers may find details described to be extremely disturbing. Viewer discretion advised.)
My 9/11 Rosh Hashanah
Blowing shofar amidst the smoke and ashes
Years later, we look back at the 9/11 terror attacks and ask what we have learned as Jews, as Americans and as people.
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