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The War on Terror

The Attacks of 2001 Were a Startpoint for a Global Struggle

How Bin Laden Saw 9/11
An analysis from the chief rabbi of the U.K.
The 9/11 attacks are linked to a wider moral malaise, including the loss of authority, integrity and family unity
Why Do They Hate Us?
The borderless war by terrorism is a new phenomenon, but its roots are age-old: an ideology of discontent that causes people to be disgusted by, and ultimately hate, cultures different than theirs.
Letter to Ahmed
Are Your Children Afraid of Terrorism?
When children understand why we were created and why we are in this world, they become less anxious about the “what ifs” and more focused on to living each day to its fullest.
The Kabbalah of Defeating Terror
This isn’t a battle between rival ideologies. It’s a struggle between two types of force—one that thrives on order, and another that flourishes on chaos. Can order defeat chaos? Can moderation defeat extremism?
Where Bin Laden Went Wrong
It’s a safe bet you’ve not traveled to Hadhramaut, never mind heard of the location. It is an ancient region located somewhere in the hardscrabble deserts of eastern Yemen.
Years later, we look back at the 9/11 terror attacks and ask what we have learned as Jews, as Americans and as people.
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