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Audio Classes: Death & Mourning

Audio classes on the Jewish approach to death and mourning, end of life issues and the tradition of reciting the Kaddish prayer.

The Jewish Approach to Death
Making the Proper Preparations for Loved Ones
Rabbi Zohn presents the Jewish view on death, burial and the afterlife, and how to pragmatically prepare for it in the Jewish tradition.
Insights into Kaddish
The Prayer Recited by a Mourner
What is Kaddish? Why do we say Kaddish and the connection between the living and the dead.
Our Obsession with Kaddish
The importance of saying Kaddish. The reason a soul comes down here to this world. The relationship between G-d, the soul and the body. What happens when the soul passes on.
Kaddish Meditation
Audio | 15:27
Kaddish Meditation
Learn how to answer the Kaddish with greater understanding of its meaning.
Medical Ethics and Jewish Law
The Torah's view on organ donation, cremation and the right to die.
Euthanasia in Halachah
Audio | 1:27:19
Euthanasia in Halachah
A close look at Talmudic sources and the Code of Jewish Law on the subject of euthanasia, the criteria in establishing death and its application to contemporary situations.
Halachah: Kaddish
Halachah: Kaddish
In-depth classes on the halochos associated with the recital of kaddish.
Kaddish Recordings
Audio recordings of the ‘Mourner’s Kaddish’ and the ‘Rabbi’s Kaddish’ in three available versions: Chabad, Sefardic, and Ashkenaz.
Death, Burial & Mourning - Part 1
With Honor and Dignity - Part 1
Death is a subject most painful to discuss, yet it is critically important that we seek guidance and wisdom from the Torah concerning the many questions that arise during this most difficult period of time. This class is the first of a three-part series titled ‘With Honor & Dignity.”
Death, Burial & Mourning - Part 2
With Honor and Dignity - Part 2
Death is a subject most painful to discuss, yet it is critically important that we seek guidance and wisdom from the Torah. This second class of a three-part series titled ‘With Honor & Dignity” addresses the funeral traditions and the mourning process.
Death and the Afterlife - Part 3
With Honor and Dignity - Part 3
This is the final class of a three-part series titled ‘With Honor & Dignity” explaining the spiritual dimension of death and the afterlife, body and soul.
The Blessing of a Broken Heart
A journey of healing from horrific grief
Koby Mandell was just thirteen on May 8, 2001, when he and his friend cut school to go hiking. Their bodies were found the next day. The boys had been brutally stoned to death in a cave in the heart of the Judean desert. Koby’s mom, Sherri Mandell, shares her emotional story of hope and faith.
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