1135 (1138)
14th of Nissan, birth of Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, Rambam, in Cordova, Spain.

The Almohades, a fanatic Muslim sect of Northern Africa, capture Cordova. The Maimon Family flees Cordova and enters an eleven year period of wandering through Southern Spain and Northern Africa.

1158 (1161)
Rambam begins writing his commentary on the Mishnah.

The Maimon family settles in Fez, the capital of Morocco.

1162 (1163)
Rambam composes and disseminates "Iggret HaShmad" (Epistle Concerning Apostacy).

1164 (1165)
The Maimon family leaves Fez and sets out for, and journeys through, the Holy Land.

They leave the Holy Land and settle in Alexandria, Egypt.

1166 ca.
Rabbi Maimon, father of Rambam, passes away.

1165 (1168)
Rambam completes his Commentary on the Mishnah.

1167 (1170)
Rambam begins composing Sefer HaMitzvot – The Book of Commandments and Mishneh Torah.

He writes and sends Iggeret Teiman to the Jews of Yemen.

1171 ca.
Rabbi David, brother of Rambam, drowns in a shipwreck.

1171 ca.
Rambam settles in Fostad, Egypt, where he lives for the rest of his life.

1171 (1174)
End of the Fatimid Caliphate. Saladin becomes king of Egypt.

1177 ca.
Appointed Chief Rabbi by the Jewish community of Cairo.

1177 (1180)
Completes writing Mishneh Torah.

28 of Sivan, his son, Rabbi Avraham, is born.

1186 (1190)
Completes Moreh Nevuchim (Guide for the Perplexed).

Passes away on the 20th of Teves. He was laid to rest in the holy city of Tiberias.