Positive Commandments

Believing in G-d
The oneness (unity) of G-d
Worshiping G-d - "Prayer"
Clinging to the Sages
Taking an oath in G-d's name
Following and imitating G-d's ways
"Kiddush HaShem" - Sanctifying G-d's Name
Reciting the "Shema"
Studying and Teaching the Torah
Wearing Tefillin on one's head
Wearing Tefillin on one's arm
Wearing Tzitzit (Fringes)
"HakHail" - Assembling the entire Jewish People
A personal Torah scroll
Grace after Meals
Building the Sanctuary
Respecting the Sanctuary
Guarding the Sanctuary
The Service of the Levites
Sanctification of a Priest before Service
Kindling the lights of the Menorah in the Beit HaMikdash
The Priestly blessing
Burning the Incense
The perpetual fire on the Altar
Removing the ashes from the Altar
Dismissing the Impure
Honoring the Priests
The Priestly Garments
The Priests carrying the Ark
The Oil of Anointment
Rotating the service in the Beit HaMikdash
Burials in which a Priest must be involved
Marriage of a High Priest
The Daily Offering
The High Priest's Daily Offering
The Additional Shabbat Offering
The Additional Rosh Chodesh (First of the month) Offering
The Additional Passover offering
First Harvest offering
The Additional Shavuot offering
The bringing of Two Loaves on Shavuot
The Additional Rosh HaShanah Offering
The Additional Yom Kippur Offering
The Yom Kippur service