Leviticus 22:32 "But I will be sanctified among the Children of Israel"

It was a rainy afternoon and Shelly couldn't find anything to do.

"I have an idea," her mother said. "I'll bring up some old family albums from the basement and tell you about our great grandparents."

Shelly couldn't wait to hear her mother's stories.

They sat together for hours while Shelly begged to hear more and more.

Her mother promised to continue another time, and finally, closed the album.

Shelly was fascinated by all the interesting things she had discovered and felt lucky to be part of her special family. She wished she could tell everyone how special she felt.

We have a unique Jewish heritage.

We are proud to be Jews and are commanded to make this known to others.

When a Jewish boy wears a Kippah so that everyone can see that he is Jewish; when a Jewish girl lights the Shabbat candles for all to see; when we fulfill the Mitzvot with pride and dignity - we announce to the world that we believe in HaShem and the Torah.

Even if someone tries to force us to deny HaShem and His Torah, we must remain loyal.

Over the centuries, Jews have chosen death rather than deny their bond to HaShem (see Negative Mitzvah 63).