A collection of fun Jewish games.

Find Danny & Dina
Interactive Search Game
Noah's Ark Challenge
Aleph Bet Race
See who can track all the Hebrew Aleph Bet in record time!
Matzah Grabber Game
Tzedakah Tracks
Mitzvah Moon Walk Game
Rambam Game
Lulav Mitzvah Matcher
Latke Stacker Game
Chicken Race
I Shpy
Passover is coming, so it's time to clean my room! I need to find a cleaning sponge, a mop and...
Zoom Out
This Seder Plate shows zoomed-in views of items related to Passover. Unscramble the letters around each picture to help you identify them.
Passover Concentration
A Passover Matching Game
Matzah Bakers Unshuffled
Can you help our young Shmurah Matzah bakers re-focus on the work at hand?
I Shpy
I shpy four dreidels, a scroll, a fully lit menorah and more. Find all the clues inside this panoramic image.
Chanukah Code
Help me discover the message of the dreidel by circling letters
Chanukah Mazes
In these mazes you'll help Refael reach the menorah and help Mom reach the kitchen to prepare the donuts.
Dreidel Spin
You want a dreidel? We'll give you a dreidel...
Chanukah Quiz
Test Your Chanukah Knowledge!
Brush up on your Chanukah studies, and take the challenge!
Chanukah Concentration
Make those Menorahs click...