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The Moshiach Times
Illustrated by famous cartoon artists and written by professional writers, the Moshiach Times is a Jewish children’s magazine of the highest quality, packed from cover to cover with stories, games, jokes, puzzles and comics.
Nature's Wonderland
This column brought a wide-eyed world of wonder to young readers, covering science, technology (of the 1940's!), and marvels of the plant and animal worlds. Its focus on the appreciation of the awesomeness of G-d's world is a timeless theme that can be enjoyed by old and young today.
Chanan and His Violin
and other stories
The title story takes place in the Warsaw ghetto and bears witness to the courage and defiance of a very young hero. Other tales take place in diverse locales, as menacing as the streets of Prague and as awesome as the splendid majesty of King Solomon's palace. Along the way is a world of excitement and adventure.
Sefer Hamitzvot for Children
A contemporary adaptation of Maimonides' classic Sefer HaMitzvot for youth; a concise description of each of the 613 Biblical commandments.
Please Tell Me What the Rebbe Said
Ideas from the public addresses and published works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe explained to children in a form that they can understand and relate to. Using stories and parables,the book illustrates the Rebbe's thoughts on a child's level. Acclaimed by educators in and out of the Lubavitch movement, it conveys insights on the holidays and the weekly Torah portions.